Marius Raphaelius is a Portuguese composer, active since 1976 in the main genres of classical, progressive rock, rock, fusion.

Some of his works have been performed by musicians world-wide and by himself. Some works await performance. Some works await completion. A consolidated catalog is under construction from the disperse digital and analog sources. Check this website soon. Meanwhile check the few sources below.

Support in any form is appreciated, for development of works extant or new, recordings thereof, construction of the catalog, website, etc. Reach marius at or at the sites below.

Dialog (Feeling Low)
"A strong rocker, full of dynamic!" Number 1 on SoundClick. Recording by Michael Duran, Grant Starr, MR. Another recording, by Grant Starr, MR, here.
The Dream
A mid-tempo epic of sorts. Much appraised. Also on SoundCloud
Concert for Group and Orchestra
Excerpts of a work in progress.
String Quartet in D minor. 1st mov.
Score here
Much more stuff at:

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